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Easiest and fastest method to learn designing and development

Here is the platform for you to learn the basic of web designing using different coding languages. Learn to develop and design using HTML- a language used for building web pages, CSS- a language for styling web pages, JavaScript- a language for programming web pages, JQuery- a JS library for developing web pages, PHP- a web server programming language,AJAX, CodeIgniter- a powerful PHP framework. Start to build your webpage now!!!

WebeeShort-Url shortener

ShortLinkHub - Simple & fast URL shortener! (Sponsored)

At ShortLinkHub, you may get the least expensive tool for URL or link shortening. Use our URL shortener to produce a short, easy-to-remember link.

  • Easy & fast
  • Very short link
  • API integration
  • Secured redirect
  • Click count & easy to manage

Interesting Stories and Documentaries

It seems that reading books increases our knowledge. We publish interesting stories and documentaries which is been liked by people of all the ages. You can publish your own stories so that it can be reached to maximum number of visitors.

Information and Entertainment

In today’s world most of the information reach out to people in the form of memes, trolls, fun facts, etc. If you are a good creator, then send us your contents to upload in our website. We publish jokes, facts, ideas, memes, trolls, wishes, quotes and many other stuffs that the visitors wish to see.

Download Free Web Templates

Web templates provide the basic structure and appearance of a web page. The main function of website template is to generate and produce web pages at a faster speed. You can download the free web templates made with Bootstrap and custom CSS from our website. It contains code to smoothly support the Front-End Web Development process.

Wish your friends with amazing links

Create your personalised Greeting Card & Image Wishes link for any festivals or Occasions.

Download Free images for your website

A web page looks really good if it has beautiful images related to the page in it. Our website helps you to download free images for your webpage or social media. Download your favourite images now!!!

Watch Video Tutorials

Latest from the tutorial

Difference between two dates in php

Difference between two dates in php

There are many methods have to find out difference between two dates in php. A perfect method is using diff() function.

Types of ports in Windows

Types of ports in Windows

In computing, a port in Windows (and other operating systems) refers to a logical connection point that software programs use to communicate with each other or with external devices over a network or the internet. Ports allow different programs and devices to send and receive data to and from each other, helping to facilitate the flow of information. Each port is assigned a unique number, known as a port number, which helps to identify and direct traffic to the appropriate destination. Examples of commonly used ports in Windows include TCP, UDP, COM, LPT, USB, and Bluetooth ports.

PDF to JPEG without losing quality

PDF to JPEG without losing quality

You can convert any pdf to jpeg without losing quality. You can also convert to PNG, WebP, SVG, and more formats.

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