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Aitsun POS Billing Software
Aitsun POS software is what brick and mortar retailers use to conduct sales. It's sometimes a cash register, computer, or even an iPad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost, and conduct the financial transaction. Download Software

Features of Aitsun POS

Inventory Management

A POS solution gives you the ability to control stock by categorizing and tracking items. This ensures adequate stock levels which increases productivity and sales. Administration burden is dramatically reduced. General sales operations Search and select an item by name, barcode or image. Then complete the transaction, or suspend it and recall it for later processing. Barcode scanning Configure barcodes to scan and identify items and customer details, or to trigger a gift card or even a credit memo.

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Customer Management

Customer who are regular to shop will have their details saved in the POS so that they will receive all the notifications of the shop like billing details, offers available, thanks message and many more.


The Rapid POS allows the owner to change the billing templates as per their wish. Create custom receipt layouts with data and images in the receipt designer. Print receipts alongside a purchase invoice, or automatically email them to the customer

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SMS &E-mails

SMS & E-mails will be sent to the customer’s phone on purchase of items, arrival of new items, offers available, payment pending, payment done and many more.

Reports & Analysis

A POS system produces daily sales reports and journals. POS reports are designed to identify sales trends, cash point performance and accurately reflect cost versus sales price.

Sales return

The products returned by the customer can be marked as used items. You+ can then accept them, or reject them from the inventory at a later stage.

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Sales order

Sales order includes the list of products that the customer has pre ordered and needs to be delivered to them.

Sales Quotation

Sales quotation will provide the estimated price of the product so that it can be submitted to bank in case the customer needs loan from the bank for the same product.

Purchase order

This feature will include the details of the products that needs to be ordered from the vendor. Once the given products are purchased, the list present in the purchase order will be displayed in the Purchase field.

Discount management

Discounts can be triggered automatically or manually, and applied on the products. Clear discounts with the click of a button.

Staff management

The owner can add few of the Staff members’ details and provide access to them. The information will be restricted to the staff. They can have access only to certain things like accounting, billing, adding and removing the products, etc.

Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD)

The Rapid POS includes the VFD, where in the billing details along with the amount can be displayed to the customers clearly.

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The Rapid POS supports both thermal printing method which produces a printed image of the bill in the thermal paper, and the normal billing method.


The Rapid POS can also include the details of the vendors like name, contact information, address, etc. The details will be saved and can be used when you wish to order the products from the same vendor the next time.

Cash management

The system will store all the details of the expenses done for the day that includes the amount received on the day and amount paid externally like electric bill, or any other bill.

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